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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

by Julie L. Hall

Julie L. Hall is a journalist who has written about narcissism for many years and also experienced the problem in her own family. She’s written a comprehensive guide to the world of narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The book covers a variety of subjects in depth, from the impact of being raised by a narcissist to co-parenting with a narcissist. This well-organized book is divided into six parts, which helps the reader digest the breadth of information provided.

Part I covers a “Bill of Rights” for those impacted by narcissists. Part 2 explains what narcissism really is, why it happens, and how it impacts people as children and adults. Hall explains that narcissists are people who are driven by a deep sense of shame and emotional emptiness that begins in their childhoods. The chapter on “The Health Fallout of Narcissistic Trauma” will go a long way to helping readers understand their long-lasting physical and emotional symptoms. Part 3 covers how narcissism plays out in families. Hall’s descriptions of narcissistic parents’ behavior and the “roles” assigned to different children make clear why adult children of narcissistic parents experience psychological trauma, even if they are not aware of the cause. Part 4 addresses the issue of being the partner of a narcissist. The chapter covers romance, breakups, parenting, and much more. Hall provides concise, constructive tips whether you are trying to leave a relationship, choosing to stay in one, or need to co-parent. Part 5 is for Children of Narcissists. She describes the patterns that occur in narcissistic families, between the parents, and between the siblings impacted by a parent’s narcissism. It’s particularly helpful to read about why sibling conflict in these families can be so intense, and why it continues into adulthood. Finally, in Part 6 Hall explores various ways in which people impacted by narcissists can begin to heal from their traumatic experiences.

Anyone who has struggled with a narcissist will feel understood and grow from reading this book. Hall does an impressive job explaining complex psychological research in easy to understand language. The Narcissist in Your Life makes clear how narcissism is a hidden disorder of deeply ingrained, destructive emotional and behavioral patterns. She acknowledges healing is far from easy or quick, but it can be done.


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