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Treatment Options

Individualized Therapy Plan for Anxiety

We work together to understand the factors contributing to your anxiety. You'll learn how anxiety works and why it’s been able to take such a hold of your life. Then we’ll develop a treatment plan, tailored to your needs and goals.  You’ll learn new skills to practice, based on evidence-based strategies for anxiety, including mindfulness, exposure and response prevention, and acceptance skills.


Hypnotherapy is a tool that helps individuals harness their natural, everyday abilities to go into a state of “trance,” and solve problems. Decades of research have shown that hypnotherapy is a “bridge from stuck to solutions” and is a "vehicle that promotes mastery and self-control”  (Lyons, Using Hypnosis with Children, pp. 7 and 9).

Therapy for Adults with Narcissistic Parents

Therapy can help adults with narcissistic parents understand the dynamics of their family of origin, help them feel less stigma and shame about the relationship and themselves,  and develop plans to cope with their parents if needed. Most important, you can learn to find yourself.  What matters to you?  How can you manage your feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism and live life on your own terms?


Are You Looking for Help with Anxiety, Stress or Unhappiness?

Image by Meghan Hessler

Perhaps You:

  • have panic attacks if you drive too far from home, and want to quit your job every day

  • have a baby and are terrified to leave her at day care, and cry every day at work

  • feel unhappy in your marriage, but terrified about what life would be like on your own

  • were raised by a narcissistic parent (or one you suspect was narcissistic) and feel overwhelmed and alone with the problem

Image by Zachary Kadolph

Perhaps Your Child:

  • can't fall asleep at night unless she sleeps with you, so you don't sleep

  • clings to you every morning before school, petrified you won’t show up for pick-up, and you are late for work

  • has a meltdown every evening when it's time to get ready for bed

Image by Omid Armin

Perhaps Your Teen:

  • doesn’t talk to you, breaks down in tears, screams, tells you nothing is wrong, and hasn’t gone to school for 2 weeks

  • has not seen a friend on a weekend for months, and feels too shy to call anyone

  • after applying to college, only gets into his “safety school” and feels like a complete failure

If You're an Adult with a Narcissistic Parent You May:

  • struggle to set limits with your parent, caught between a sense of loyalty and the need to take care of yourself or your own family

  • wonder if you are “crazy” because of how interactions with your parent make you feel

  • may feel terrible or even ashamed when others tell you they are looking forward to spending time with their parents

  • find you can’t stop hearing your parent’s critical voice, even if he or she has been dead for many years

  • mostly, you feel alone, and that is almost impossible that anyone else could understand your story

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